Youth Homestay Hosting FAQs


Q:  What is the student’s daily schedule?
A:  The youth are scheduled from approximately 9-5 pm Monday through Friday for meetings, workshops, trainings, and/or seminars. Cultural activities may be planned for the participants on some evenings and weekends. As a host, you will receive a detailed schedule of the daily program, so you will be able to know when they are starting and finishing their day. Sunday is usually a free day to spend together with homestay hosts. The free day is anything you and your international student want it to be. Shopping is often high on the list, but so is meeting other family and friends at gatherings. It’s all about experiencing America. If you cannot be home on Sundays for any reason, WorldChicago will prepare an activity for the youth.

Many cultural activities also will include you and your family. These activities may include professional baseball games, the Willis Tower Skydeck, plays, musicals, concerts, etc. Your family’s participation in these events is often covered by the program and you are encouraged to participate.

Q:  Meals?
A:  You will be expected to provide breakfast daily and most dinners. Each family is different, but usually we ask that you have something in the refrigerator for them to snack on when they get home from meetings, and then include the students in your family dinner.

Q:  Accommodations?
A:  We can place one or two youth participants in a home. Each youth must have his/her own separate bed (sharing a room is fine) and access to a bathroom (can also be shared).

Q:  Transportation?
A:  WorldChicago provides CTA and/or Metra Cards for all students. We teach them to use public transportation to commute to and from your home and our downtown office.

Q: Language?
A: All youth participants must pass an English proficiency exam before they are accepted into the exchange program. Although skill will vary slightly between all participants, they are all able to communicate and express themselves with English. Most often youth delegates will have spent time in other U.S. cities before coming to Chicago, so they will be somewhat used to conversing in English daily.

Q:  Insurance?
A:  All youth participants are provided health insurance from the U.S. State Department for their time in the United States.