Carol Fisher Rappel

Retired, Motorola

Retired from Motorola and concluding my marketing career with two-way radio products and systems as director of strategic planning, I now have the luxury of time to pursue my interests. These include volunteering for civic and political causes, exploring Chicago history and architecture, engaging in many of our cultural and educational programs and, of course, global travel. Our downtown residence, just a few blocks from the WorldChicago offices, gives me easy access to their interesting programs and receptions.

I became aware of WorldChicago when invited to join the board by Motorola’s corporate citizenship director. I was enthused about the mission of citizen diplomacy because I had been hosted and welcomed so enthusiastically many years earlier during time spent in Vienna through IES, a study abroad program. Over time, the gracious receptions I’ve received during personal and business global travel had inspired me to reciprocate.

Over the years, I’ve learned about WorldChicago through committee involvement, leadership roles, and national meetings in Washington, D.C., and become even more committed to it goals. As the organization reaches out to include areas such as youth programs and longer-term internships, its value to our visitors as well as the city, country and our image abroad continues to increase. Recently we hosted a farewell celebration for an African youth delegation and their homestay hosts that was filled with energy and creativity. These young folks displayed their projects and gratitude with an impromptu program that was really heartwarming. My husband and I feel so enriched after hosting visitors for dinner in our home and plan to continue for many years to come.

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